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Literally by the banks of the Boiron river of Morges, one of the most studied rivers in Switzerland, La Maison de la Rivière, nestled in the countryside, close to Lake Geneva, awaits visitors. It welcomes the public not only to help them discover, understand and share the beauty of nature, but also the fragility of ecosystems. It is a pleasant stop in the middle of the « trout trail » that extends to Morges and St-Prex through the «heritage trails».

In the permanent exhibition, different disciplines meet: the sub F.A.-Forel, built by the team of Jacques Piccard and used to study of the bottom of the lake Geneva, alongside with, for example, live pikes, a roman millennium terminal and high technology represented by one of the largest multi-touch tactile walls in the world.

The tour continues outside with a didactic pond, nesting boxes and aquariums built into the river, offering a view on the wildlife and its inhabitants.


truttaChildren are not left out, since Trutta, the mischievous mascot, will guide them at each station, with many interactive games.



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The entire team of La Maison de la Rivière is delighted to welcome you!

Collection Genton

In 2009, the Foundation acquired

a wonderful collection of regional wildlife.

This collection has been created over the years,

by Mr. Christian Genton Montricher (VD).

The collection comprises of approximately

300 to 400 vertebrates including butterflies,

nests, feathers, plaster cast of animal footprints,

skeletons, fossils, minerals or shells.

Aristide Codourey of Grandvaux knew how

to preserve most animals in an exemplary way

while Mr. Genton took care of skulls and skeletons.


La Maison de la Rivière attaches great value to this

extraordinary collection by using it as a teaching

support for environmental education and by

presenting it to the public in the reception areas.

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